White Papers

  • IBM and Box Form Strategic Partnership: The Promise of Cloud, Content Collaboration, Mobile App Dev and More - Industry analyst IDC provides analysis of the IBM and Box strategic partnership.
  • Using the Internet to improve business resilience - Building and managing cloud resiliency solutions internally is difficult. Many organizations prefer to work with a third party technology provider for the development and lagestion their cloud solutions.
  • Transitioning business resiliency to the cloud - How do you successfully transition business continuity to the cloud? Read the white paper to learn how an end-to-end, scalable solution can help you plan and execute an enterprise-wide continuity and resiliency strategy.
  • Three Reasons Why You Need vCloud Suite - VMware vCloud Suite® is an integrated offering for building and managing a VMware vSphere® privatecloud based on a software-defined data center architecture. The capabilities of this software suite can help your organization dramatically improve the efficiency, agility, and control of your cloud environment.
  • 12 Smart Ways to Deploy and Manage Your Private Cloud - Private clouds built on vCloud Suite are powered by the VMware vSphere virtualization platform, andthe VMware vRealize cloud management platform. Together, they help you get the most out of the cloud while focusing on what matters most: creating positive IT results.
  • Flexibility across the HR Cloud – Unlocking Success with IBM & SAP Webcast - IBM and SAP recently announced their cloud-to-cloud integration between SuccessFactors Employee Central and IBM Kenexa's Talent Acquisition Suite. Together they will help clients move their HR Information Systems (HRIS) to the cloud with SuccessFactors while protecting their recruiting investments; thus providing Employee Central clients with a broader set of options for recruiting, assessment and on-boarding of candidates.
  • Comparing Storage Options for Virtualized and Cloud Environments - IT organizations increasingly are turning to new storage solutions that are purpose-built for virtualization and cloud, with a focus on application-aware designs that provide VM-level visibility and control across the entire infrastructure.
  • Sidestep cloud landmines with identity and strong authentication - The business benefits of cloud are obvious, but many organizations are still trying to cope with the security implications. Perhaps the most important security consideration is identity and strong authentication.
  • Cloud the New Platform of Choice for the Supply Chain - This webcast marks a major expansion in Oracle SCM cloud solutions. The addition of order management, manufacturing and planning applications to the existing product life cycle management, logistics, and procurement cloud offerings creates the broadest SCM portfolio in the industry. Offering superior user experiences, advanced business capabilities, and quick ROI, businesses can now purchase and deploy these best-in-class applications faster.
  • Top 3 Uses for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand - VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is an infrastructure-as-a-service offering that gives you instant, secure access to the cloud compute resources you need, at any time, with no commitments. There's no faster way to get up and running with a cloud that is 100% compatible with your VMware vSphere®environment.
  • A Guide to Cloud Computing On Demand - To remain agile, businesses today need to be able to scale IT resources based on rapidly changing business needs. However, demand for computing capacity can vary dramatically, making it costly and difficult to maintain sufficient resources to meet peak requirements. The increasingly popular infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud model makes computing resources available on an "as-needed" basis.
  • Three Easy Steps to Get Started with Virtual Private Cloud  OnDemand - Get instant access to cloud compute resources with VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand - the easiest way to consume the cloud that is 100% compatible with your VMware vSphere® environment. How easy is it is procure your virtual private cloud
  • Tools and tips to run SAP in the cloud - Organizations considering moving their SAP applications to the cloud often struggle with questions about how to ensure an optimal cloud deployment. What are the requirements?
  • Cloud Migration Checklist: Download The Infographic - Migrating to the cloud may seem like climbing Mount Everest, but with this checklist, and the right partner, it doesn't have to be. Download “All The Right Cloud Moves: A Cloud Migration Checklist” to get the key best practices you need to keep your move to the cloud successful.
  • Infographic: 5 Guidelines That Cover The Basics of Cloud Data Security - Public sector IT execs may worry about protecting data in the cloud, but a smart, clear approach—and the right partner—can put those fears to rest. Download the attached infographic and get the “5 Guidelines That Cover The Basics of Cloud Data Security.”
  • Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Cloud-Based Computing for Small Businesses - SMB owners have been hearing about the benefits of cloud-based software, which can streamline critical workflows, boost productivity and help managers make decisions more quickly and efficiently. While there are many economic benefits of software-as-a-service, cloud services carry their own data security risks. 
  • Forrester Reveals Economic Benefits of Private Cloud - Looking for a quick way to understand the quantifiable economic advantages of the private cloud? Download “Forrester reveals economic benefits of private cloud” an infographic that quickly access specific research based information around average ROI, number of project days saved, as well savings around time and costs around private cloud.
  • 3 tough business challenges a private cloud can handle - A private cloud is an evolution of datacenter virtualization that allows organizations to transform the way they provide IT, from an infrastructure-centric to a service- centric approach. Having your own private cloud can offer huge advantages, especially if you've been feverishly watching your organization's IT struggle to keep up with rapidly changing requirements in an era of increasing financial pressures.
  • Creating Efficiency through Private Cloud - Private clouds provide IT with the ability to quickly scale and deliver continuous services to multiple business units while maintaining control over their information and processes. This Infographic highlights the four key steps to building a private cloud foundation and illustrates how Dell Cloud technology provides the end-to-end solutions to deliver measurable business benefits. 
  • Building the Business Case for Cloud: Real Ways Private Cloud can Benefit Your Organization - Companies and IT organizations are exploring migrating to a cloud architecture today in order to rein in IT costs, gain the flexibility and agility to deliver new and better services, and meet rapidly evolving business requirements.