White Papers

  • A Better Presentation Experience with Intel® Pro WIDI - Principled Technologies compared the experience of connecting a Dell Latitude™ Ultrabook system featuring the new 5th Generation Intel Core processor to an HD display with both HDMI cables and wirelessly via Intel® Pro WiDi. Read this report to find the results of the test and learn how pairing Intel® Pro WiDi with a Dell notebook on your next client refresh will foster greater security and privacy advantages over other ways of connecting.
  • Application Performance Management for Dummies - Businesses and users today have rapidly evolving needs, are mobile, and expect 24/7 connectivity and reliability. We rely on IT teams to provide functionality and service to keep up with market needs all while ensuring reliability.
  • Network Monitoring for Dummies - Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies. Networks are complex.
  • 5 Questions Network Performance Issues - Selecting the right network performance management solution to help you “detect & fix” problems faster doesn't have to be difficult. These five questions should help simplify your decision-making process.
  • Improve App Performance in the Hybrid Enterprise - IT organizations have been evolving their WAN connectivity strategies to align with new IT cost, resilience, and performance objectives. Hybrid WAN is a growing trend with many organizations and enterprises, enabling them to augment traditional private leased lines or MPLS-based WAN circuits with secured public Internet services to achieve their goals. 
  • Selling with social: How social curation drives engagement and sales - Learn how to harness this wealth of social media content, and display it right where it can go to work delivering engagement, trust, and conversion: your website. Nearly 75% of all Internet users are active on social channels today—sharing opinions, ideas, thoughts, and pieces of their lives on social networks. 
  • Network Virtualization and Security with VMware NSX - This VMware Business Case is for Business & IT Executives, IT Operations, IT Infrastructure and ITSecurity professionals. You will learn how leading enterprises are achieving unprecedented value from network virtualization and security for their Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDCs). 
  • Make Micro-Segmentation Work for You - Network security breaches are more and more common and are affecting people in all areas. Theyhave hit business sectors from retail and financial to healthcare and government. They impact the world's largest and most sophisticated organizations, as well as smaller firms
  • How to Build a Security Strategy for Your Business Laptops - Many offices have made the transition from desktops to laptops which brings new security threats that business owners and IT departments need to consider. Since laptops are mobile, it is more likely that users will move them around more which means that the work-related traffic will not go through the corporate network.
  • Is It Really The Bandwidth? Three Steps To Diagnose Bandwidth Complaints - Slow application performance isn't always caused by low bandwidth. So, how do you know what the cause is?
  • Bridging the Gap: Future-State Roadmap for IT Organizations - Transformation-oriented IT leaders can gain valuable insight in the webinar "Bridging the Gap: Future-state Roadmap for IT Organizations" with IDC Research VP Melanie Posey and CenturyLink VP David Shacochis. As IT evolves from being a "necessary evil" cost center to occupying center stage as a digital business enabler, IT leaders must reinvent themselves as "enterprise architects" who can serve as partners to the lines-of-business, ensuring that IT capabilities and resources are tightly integrated into business planning processes.
  • Webinar: Top 7 Wi-Fi Considerations for Small/Medium Business - With the growth in usage of mobile applications, businesses now have many more opportunities to collaborate and service their customers. To maximize this benefit, wireless networks must now be considered a strategic asset for business decision makers. 
  • Solution Overview: Aruba Instant Wi-Fi for Small and Medium Enterprises - Invest in worry-free Wi-Fi. Aruba InstantTM is the only Wi-Fi solution that is built to deliver the speed, security and smarts needed to help your business thrive without breaking your budget. Powered by the latest 802.11ac technology, Aruba Instant access points feature fast setup, built-in management dashboard, and gigabit Wi-Fi speeds – all in one affordable package.
  • The Secret to Business Results: How Network Connections Drive Web Application Performance - The application delivery model has changed. The default paradigm of an application has evolved from users sitting at desktops attached to the corporate data center to mobile access via phones and tablets, each requiring its own optimized experience.
  • Relationships Matter: The Business Value of Connection Analytics eBook - We've always had connections, but we didn't have a good way to find the interesting connections lurking in our data. Now we do; it's called connection analytics and it helps us find patterns in the way people and things of all types are related. 
  • VMware NSX – Technical Overview - VMWare NSX™ is the network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data center. NSX brings virtualization to your existing network and transforms network operations and economics.
  • Orpic: Exemplifying Efficiency with HP Networking Solutions - After an extensive review of vendors, including the industry's largest networking provider, Orpic selected HP. HP provided a converged network solution that simplified network maintenance and administration
  • P ConvergedSystem Altering Business Efficiency and Agility - Integrated Computing (IC), also known as Converged Infrastructure, stands to revolutionize everything about IT. IC takes all of virtualization, storage, networking, and compute into a single system and allows total infrastructure oversight through one console. As you can imagine, the improvements in ease of use, agility, and efficiency are quite substantial.
  • Globally Architected, Locally Delivered: Worldwide Media with HP Networking - Diversified Agency Services serves a global network of marketing services and specialty communication companies. To provide its internal customers and their clients with safe, secure access to applications and services, DAS worked with HP on a multi-year project to consolidate its IT networks and implement HP SDN cloud-enabled networking.
  • All-Wireless Workplaces Show Benefit over Traditional Wired Technology - There is immense opportunity for businesses in considering the strategic and expanding role that wireless networking plays in generating business value. However, the challenge is to change the conversation around wireless infrastructure deployment from a reactionary one (e.g., installing new access points to meet growing density requirements) to a proactive one (How does the enterprise plan the network to meet today's needs, anticipate tomorrow's needs, and adjust as trends change?).