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Principled Technologies compared the experience of connecting a Dell Latitude™ Ultrabook system featuring the new 5th Generation Intel Core processor to an HD display with both HDMI cables and wirelessly via Intel® Pro WiDi. Read this report to find the results of the test and learn how pairing Intel® Pro WiDi with a Dell notebook on your next client refresh will foster greater security and privacy advantages over other ways of connecting.

A Better Presentation Experience with Intel® Pro WIDI

Recognizing that change is a constant in the healthcare industry, Hennepin Home Health Care has developed a partnership with Red Hat and Infrasupport in order to adapt to evolving industry and government requirements, quickly and affordably. Download this case study to discover how to create a reliable environment that supports a positive cash flow and a successful business that will help you to care for your clients.

Hennepin Home Health Care Faces the Future with Virtualization Technology ...

In this analyst paper, Gartner showcases 13 factors that are driving UNIX market decline - grouped into hardware factors, software factors, vendor influences, and evolving operations - and provides profiling circumstances for organizations to calculate the speed of and the priority of UNIX migration planning.

Is It Time to Migrate from Unix?