Principled Technologies compared the experience of connecting a Dell Latitude™ Ultrabook system featuring the new 5th Generation Intel Core processor to an HD display with both HDMI cables and wirelessly via Intel® Pro WiDi. Read this report to find the results of the test and learn how pairing Intel® Pro WiDi with a Dell notebook on your next client refresh will foster greater security and privacy advantages over other ways of connecting.

A Better Presentation Experience with Intel® Pro WIDI

Enterprise IT departments are continually looking for ways to improve user experience, satisfaction and loyalty among notebook users. Through its quarterly CSAT study, TBR surveys enterprise notebook customers to determine the essential notebook PC attributes needed for successful and efficient personal computing operations within large enterprises.

Analysis Report: Dell notebooks are the most reliable according to ...

A private cloud is an evolution of datacenter virtualization that allows organizations to transform the way they provide IT, from an infrastructure-centric to a service- centric approach. Having your own private cloud can offer huge advantages, especially if you've been feverishly watching your organization's IT struggle to keep up with rapidly changing requirements in an era of increasing financial pressures.

3 tough business challenges a private cloud can handle