Tintri smart storage addresses the mismatch between storage and the demands of virtualization. Built on the industry's first and leading intelligent application-aware architecture, VMstore and Tintri Global Center have the intelligence to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency and end-to-end insights into the infrastructure, while allowing for unmatched VM control.

Smart Storage That Sees, Learns and Adapts – A Strategic ...

As virtualizaion becomes the norm throughout organizations of nearly all sizes, and as more organizations look to private cloud solutions, IT decision makers are increasingly in need of ways to keep storage costs and complexity under control in the face of often-runaway M sprawl. Application-aware storage is designed to help achieve those goals by giving IT leaders and storage administrators VM-level visibility into application performance and availability, and by properly provisioning storage resources to meet those requirements in a virtualized environment.

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Flash Storage for Dummies, NetApp 2nd Special Edition, describes the many uses and benefits of flash storage technology in the enterprise. From flash-accelerated storage to all-flash arrays, flash technology improves performance and increases reliability in storage infrastructures.

Flash Storage For Dummies

Traditional storage can be complex and expensive, and with new applications forcing enterprises to stretch their limited resources, a new strategy for enterprise storage is just what you need. In this presentation, we will discuss some of our latest developments in hypervisor-converged storage and how it'll transform IT operations forever.

Rethinking Storage: The Rise of Hyperconvergence