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Download "5 Steps to building advanced Security in Software-Defined Data Centers" to get the three common data center challenges and the key ingredients for advanced security in the SDDC. The whitepaper also shows how VMware and Check Point have integrated their best of breed virtualization and advanced threat prevention technologies to boost security and realize the full value of Sofware-Defined Data Center architectures.

5 Steps to building advanced Security in Software-Defined Data Centers

Four technology trends—cloud computing, mobile technology, social collaboration and analytics—are shaping the business and converging on the data center. But few data center strategies are designed with the requisite flexibility, scalability or resiliency to meet the new demands. Read the white paper to learn how a good data center strategy can help you prepare for the rigors and unpredictability of emerging technologies.

Pervasive technology trends shaping the business and the implications for ...

Managing and operating a datacenter entails working with a myriad of complex technologies that can be difficult to run efficiently and effectively. This Technology Spotlight explores the trends affecting enterprise datacenters and discusses the role that HP plays in providing services that meet today's dynamic computing needs.

Flexible Capacity: A Scalable On-Premise Datacenter Platform with Public Cloud ...