Recognizing that change is a constant in the healthcare industry, Hennepin Home Health Care has developed a partnership with Red Hat and Infrasupport in order to adapt to evolving industry and government requirements, quickly and affordably. Download this case study to discover how to create a reliable environment that supports a positive cash flow and a successful business that will help you to care for your clients.

Hennepin Home Health Care Faces the Future with Virtualization Technology ...

The world is becoming easier for administrators of VMware vSphere® environments. VMware® VirtualSAN™ is the reason why. Virtual SAN, the VMware software-defined solution for hyper-converged infrastructure, is fundamentally changing the way vSphere administrators handle storage. In this brief, we invite you to explore some of the benefits up close.

Ten Things You Need to Know About VMware Virtual SAN

To tackle today's IT challenges, forward-looking organizations are transforming traditional ITinfrastructure to an Infrastructure as a Service model. To help your organization get started down this path, this eBook explores why you need a new model of IT, how you can make the transformation, and how you can put VMware products and services to work to gain agility, automation, and cloud economies - and create a more innovative and dynamic IT foundation.

A New Model of IT

In this eBook, we'll provide tips on best practices for virtualization projects, along with tangibleexamples of the gains you can achieve when you virtualize applications like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and SAP. Download this eBook now to learn how taking the lead in initiatives such as these could put yourself on the path to a promotion.

Why Virtualizing Your Business-Critical Applications Can Lead to a Promotion