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White Papers

  • Dual Platform Strategies for the Modern Datacenter - IT organizations are under intense pressure to improve service levels and contain expenses in today's challenging economic climate. Forward-looking organizations are upgrading IT infrastructure and implementing virtualization and cloud computing solutions to improve business agility and drive down costs.
  • 5 Steps to building advanced Security in Software-Defined Data Centers - Download "5 Steps to building advanced Security in Software-Defined Data Centers" to get the three common data center challenges and the key ingredients for advanced security in the SDDC. The whitepaper also shows how VMware and Check Point have integrated their best of breed virtualization and advanced threat prevention technologies to boost security and realize the full value of Sofware-Defined Data Center architectures.
  • Disruptive technology trends alter the business and have an impact on your data center - This white paper describes the impact of cloud computing, mobile technologies, social media and business analytics on data centers and provides predictive tools and techniques before employing IBM to help companies build a solid data center strategy.
  • Is your data center being overwhelmed by rapidly converging technologies - An IBM infographic highlighting the infrastructure implications of today's converging technology forces and the software defined, data center transformation essential to capitalizing on them.
  • Pervasive technology trends shaping the business and the implications for your data center - Four technology trends—cloud computing, mobile technology, social collaboration and analytics—are shaping the business and converging on the data center. But few data center strategies are designed with the requisite flexibility, scalability or resiliency to meet the new demands. Read the white paper to learn how a good data center strategy can help you prepare for the rigors and unpredictability of emerging technologies.
  • When Business Surges, Can Your IT Keep Pace? On-Demand Webinar - HP Flexible Capacity offers a pay-as-you-grow solution that allows you to scal instantly to handle growth needs without the usual wait for the procurement process. A component of HP Datacenter Care, this unique approach does not tie up capital and creates an environment where you capacity never runs out.
  • Flexible Capacity: A Scalable On-Premise Datacenter Platform with Public Cloud Advantages - Managing and operating a datacenter entails working with a myriad of complex technologies that can be difficult to run efficiently and effectively. This Technology Spotlight explores the trends affecting enterprise datacenters and discusses the role that HP plays in providing services that meet today's dynamic computing needs.
  • Micro-segmentation for Dummies - Traditional approaches to securing data centers have focused on strong perimeter defenses to keepthreats on the outside of the network. This model is ineffective for handling today's new and evolving threats.
  • Micro-Segmentation Builds Security into Your Data Center’s DNA - Most enterprise IT professionals agree that securing the network only at the perimeter is inadequate for today's data centers. Once malware has managed to make its way behind the firewall by latching onto an authorized user (or other means), it can move easily from workload to workload.
  • Developing Applications with Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) - Mission critical apps need a database that's always on. While intra-cluster replication helps with server failures, giving you high availability, your system still remains at risk from catastrophic failures. You may also need a way to improve the response time for users when they're globally distributed.
  • Data Protection Without Limits - Globalization has become the norm. The exploding use of mobile devices and the Internet now requires most business' websites to be constantly available.
  • Better Data Protection for the Modern Data Center - Sprawling virtual machines and increased data sizes have caused legacy backup tools to  become impractical due to shrinking backup windows, cost, manageability and lack of performance. Regardless of these challenges, data protection is a critical business process that just has to be right.
  • 2015 Virtualization & Storage Management Survey Report - Discover what's going on behind the scenes of data centers in 2015.
  • Take Virtualization to the Next Level with VMware vSphere with Operations Management - The emergence of the mobile-cloud era has unleashed a rising tide of applications and workflows, and consequently a surge in what business users have come to demand from their IT infrastructures. In order to live up to these expectations, it's pivotal for IT to embracethe Software-Defined Data Center.
  • ITG: Comparing IBM Power Systems to Oracle Exadata Database Machine - ITG study comparing three-year costs for use of Oracle Exadata systems and IBM Power Systems for OLTP. Customer comparisons are based on 25 profile installations employing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, PeopleSoft and Retail solutions.
  • Software-Defined Storage: What it Means for the IT Practitioner - Server Virtualization has changed the way IT runs data centers across the world. Most enterprises now operate with a "virtual first" policy. However, the storage architecture that supports it has not kept pace
  • eBook: The Rise of the Disruptive Data Warehouse - The data warehouse, as most people think of it, is passé. Associated with batch reporting, SQL only, long wait times—that's your father's data warehouse, and it shares little resemblance to today's data warehouse.
  • Learn how healthcare organizations can benefit from converged infrastructure - Download this report to learn how healthcare datacenter is advancing. Healthcare IT organizations are under intense pressure to "do more with less" while trying to manage conflicting priorities.
  • Learn how financial services firms can benefit from converged infrastructure - The financial services industry invests over $475 billion each year on IT infrastructure. Today most of the industry operates on enterprise-integrated, disparate systems that run in thousands of datacenter facilities that drain budgets.
  • High-Speed Databases: The Three Key Challenges Every IT Organization Must Face - Business demands for high-speed databases are growing, driven by the need for real-time decision support based on huge volumes of data. Dell provides a variety of cache-based and in-memory solutions to meet the new need for speed.