White Papers

  • How Desktop-as-a-Service Can Solve Higher Education’s End-User Computing Challenges - Colleges and universities face considerable end-user computing challenges today. Desktop virtualization makes it easier to maintain and upgrade thin clients and student devices in classrooms, labs and libraries. Desktop-as-a-service takes those benefits a step further. 
  • ABC Cooking Studio Builds Flexible IT Infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization - ABC Cooking Studio was growing rapidly both geographically and in business scope. Download this case study to discover how the studio used Red Hat solutions to virtualize on a flexible IT infrastructure that scales along with the business and reduces deployment time of new systems by more than 65%.
  • Hennepin Home Health Care Faces the Future with Virtualization Technology from Red Hat - Recognizing that change is a constant in the healthcare industry, Hennepin Home Health Care has developed a partnership with Red Hat and Infrasupport in order to adapt to evolving industry and government requirements, quickly and affordably. Download this case study to discover how to create a reliable environment that supports a positive cash flow and a successful business that will help you to care for your clients.
  • DC Analyst Connection: Sharpening the Edge of Organizations - The rapid increase of cloud-based services, and dynamic business expectations to enable customers is redefining the "edge" of organizations — branch offices, storefronts, remote locations. This paper explores the challenges and IT requirements for delivering better services to the front lines of the organization.
  • Ten Things You Need to Know About VMware Virtual SAN - The world is becoming easier for administrators of VMware vSphere® environments. VMware® VirtualSAN™ is the reason why. Virtual SAN, the VMware software-defined solution for hyper-converged infrastructure, is fundamentally changing the way vSphere administrators handle storage. In this brief, we invite you to explore some of the benefits up close.
  • A New Model of IT - To tackle today's IT challenges, forward-looking organizations are transforming traditional ITinfrastructure to an Infrastructure as a Service model. To help your organization get started down this path, this eBook explores why you need a new model of IT, how you can make the transformation, and how you can put VMware products and services to work to gain agility, automation, and cloud economies - and create a more innovative and dynamic IT foundation.
  • Why Virtualizing Your Business-Critical Applications Can Lead to a Promotion - In this eBook, we'll provide tips on best practices for virtualization projects, along with tangibleexamples of the gains you can achieve when you virtualize applications like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and SAP. Download this eBook now to learn how taking the lead in initiatives such as these could put yourself on the path to a promotion.
  • Comparing Storage Options for Virtualized and Cloud Environments - IT organizations increasingly are turning to new storage solutions that are purpose-built for virtualization and cloud, with a focus on application-aware designs that provide VM-level visibility and control across the entire infrastructure.
  • Enhancing a City’s Ability to Plan, Protect and Manage with Intelligent Video Analytics - Cities are using intelligent video solutions to help them face the challenges of increasing urbanization. These solutions can extend the capabilities of a city's existing video assets, and enhance the effectiveness of safety and traffic management personnel.
  • Seven Reasons Why Micro-Segmentation is Powerful to Have and Painless to Add - One of the breakthrough benefits of the VMware NSX™ network virtualization platform is micro-segmentation - the ability to "build security into your network's DNA". Micro-segmentation fortifies your data center so that malware can't get at it - or if it does - the system can shut it down before it spreads.
  • Application-Delivery Options in VMware Horizon 6 - Applications are everywhere. An ever-increasing variety of applications and online services keep thewheels of business turning.
  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software 2015 Vendor Assessment - VMware has been positioned as a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Virtual ClientComputing Software 2015 Vendor Assessment. VMware was recognized as having the most complete strategy and solution capabilities for delivering virtual desktops and applications through its VMware Horizon portfolio of solutions and services. 
  • Cost Leadership in End-User Computing: Virtual Desktops, Real Savings - If you are considering your next round of investment in end-user computing and have dismissed VDI asan option because of cost, look again! With the launch of VMware Horizon 6, the scenario has changed: VDI is now the lowest capital-cost option. VMware sees cost reduction as a journey.
  • Customer Success Story Veeam Backup and Replication and HP StoreOnce Mansfield Oil Company - In this case study, we look at Mansfield Oil, a leading North American energy supplier that  delivers fuel to customers nationwide. The challenge that Mansfield faced was that it had modernized its IT infrastructure, but still used several VM backup tools that decentralized management and required excessive administration. 
  • Recover VMs Faster - In a business environment where IT departments are constantly asked to do more with less, the tantalizing cost and agility benefits of virtualization have made its adoption pervasive. However, when it comes to data protection, IT has remained plagued with less-than-ideal options for protecting and recovering VM data.
  • Virtualization 2.0 for Dummies - Over the past ten years, virtualization has proven to be the critical solution to keep those all-important costs down, by consolidating your hardware and giving you more IT flexibility. And as the technology matures, the benefits only keep increasing.
  • 2015 Virtualization & Storage Management Survey Report - Discover what's going on behind the scenes of data centers in 2015.
  • The Hyper-convergence Effect - It's the newest trend in virtualization, simplifying hardware deployment with its “everything-in-a-box” approach, but what does it mean from a management perspective?
  • Capacity Planning in Virtual Environments - vExpert Eric Siebert provides key insights into capacity planning, discusses why it's one of the top challenges systems admins face, and how to make it more manageable.
  • Take Virtualization to the Next Level with VMware vSphere with Operations Management - The emergence of the mobile-cloud era has unleashed a rising tide of applications and workflows, and consequently a surge in what business users have come to demand from their IT infrastructures. In order to live up to these expectations, it's pivotal for IT to embracethe Software-Defined Data Center.